1st Birthday Party and I had less then 7 days to organise!

Did I really do this less then 7 days organising and throwing 1st birthday party!  

Sounds crazy but this actually happened. You, can imagine a year ago I have launched my product line, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and also set to migrate to the Far East! I couldn’t think or have the energy to do this Big Birthday Bash like everyone does now. So much pressure too! Anyway, what made me change my mind. Well, I a month before her birthday I had to rush off to Hong kong with my husband for a business meeting ( yes, my baby girl was with me and my son with his nan) and then visited Malaysia to start house hunting and finding the right International school. There was a lot to take in and a lot to do! I got back to the UK and I had to say my good bye and thought this is my one and only girl if I had an amazing time for my son why not for her.

I decided the party will take place in my back garden as its impossible to look for venues. Delegated jobs out to family and friends as it will be pretty hard dealing with everything on your own. All you have to do is ask. You will be pretty amazed. I created a theme board quickly on my www.pininterest.com for birthday party for 1 year.  From this I knew I had to do the following. Made an order for her birthday dress and bought one for a backup. Invited my family and close friends. (Bear in mind it was the month of Ramadan the next day). Now, on line is amazing I went on www.amazo.com  and bought the following sequenced table cloth, disposable cutlery, back drops and a few accessories like pom pom balls to make the place look nice but I didn’t use! I went to Shop ‘Hobbys’ great place for any type of parties. They had every finer little details that I wanted. Made the birthday cake order now this was tricky what I wanted not everyone can do and they needed that time. I was lucky that I knew someone that could do the cake on time but not exactly the how I wanted but I was happy and the cake tasted delicious.

Up to the day it was hectic not only I was planning our moving out in a months time but I was trying to organise a photographer and a DJ. I was asking for a little too much as each time I got one thing done for the party. The best place was a little shout out on the good old www.Facebook.com! Had recommendations. I chose my photographer and a cute DJ team that supplied a candy floss to the guests. My advice is make sure you look at their portfolio even if it means the person has a price tag. This all makes sense why as you are left with the pictures for your memory. You may have guessed I didn’t talk about children entertainer. My guests was mainly family and friends and less children. Also, my little Amelia wouldn’t even remember this.

Just two days before her party my baby girl was not feeling well. I had so many people tell me this which is awful if I had to cancel and if she could not be part of it. The night before the Marquee came and we started to set up and realised there is a lot of things in the house that is useful. The garden table was then sprayed with gold paint by my brother and his wife. They started to spray gold everywhere! Bought in our sofa and made a nice corner. The table was then  placed and checked if everything was going to be ok for the next day. We had the birthday cake table and we used our garden hammock as the focal point of photos. It was literally improvise which is so much more fun then being so perfect.

The clothes, now I didn’t give any dress code out as it was last minute invite. I wanted to wear  a simple dress but my sister in law convinced me to wear a saree. later on I was feeling very hot so I changed but if I had known I would have something on the side. My son decided he didn’t want to wear what I gave him. I simply had no energy to act like a mum.

Amelia was a little unwell and we had only 3 hours sleep before her party as we had friends around. Do not do this especially night before. I had family and friends come and said our good bye. My son who turns 9 years old has the same birthday on the same month June. I could not ignore his so my hubby did a quick cake ordering tomato him happy!  Practically you can do a birthday party bash less than 7 days it can be done! I promise! Heres some pictures from the birthday party.


Our garden hammock sprayed with gold paint and added some leaves from the tree! The rest you can see just added what we had at home.


My little family!


Sister from another Mother! I do miss my sister who lives in Bahrain 🙁


My stunner cousin Maryam

My beautiful AMELIA ZARA

The rest of the family around cutting and singing to my Mikaeel


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