Kabuki Brush or the usual Makeup Brush Set?

If you are new to makeup or want to step up your game lets explore the differences between the ‘Kabuki Brush Set’ and the’ Structured Makeup Brushes’. Let me explain the difference between versatile Kabuki brushes and structured makeup brushes.

The Professional Kabuki Brush Set’ which means these brushes are known for creating a flawless face. I will be referring to my Brand Malika Jafrin Kabuki Brush Set.What’s more exciting the brushes are known for the luxurious feel to the skin and its animal cruelty free! These are synthetic brushes so requires less maintenance compared to natural or animal hair.This makes makeup application easy and an overall lovely experience. For some customers it is their everyday makeup  tool and for some it is a supplementary makeup brushes.

Let me guide you through the brushes and I hope you can understand how these brushes can change the way you apply makeup or add new techniques to achieve a professional makeup look. Firstly, Kabuki Brushes are known to
be shaped in a certain way. It is a collection of bristles that ark into a dome shape, so its easy use and blends the product in a short period of time.The very nature of the kabuki brush takes away the severe lines that commonly appear with the blush application. They are seriously soft and fluffy.It is a tool that most professionals use to create a flawless finish for their clients. Before you make a decision I want you to look through the brushes and the
guidelines how to use them . I do not want you to miss out on different approaches to applying makeup. The more you know makeup techniques the more choices you will have applying your makeup. Kabuki brush application
requires little time.

How I use the kabuki brush set:

KF02 – Use it to buff in your usual liquid foundation. This technique uses
less foundation (saves you more money!) You can also add a little tiny
amount of liquid highlighter for that summer glow.

KT04 – I use this brush to  highlighting my face. (I use the lighter shade
of foundation) Under the eyes, chin and forehead. However, a lot of my
customers like this as their actual foundation brush.

KFA03- This Flat Angled brush  contours my my cheek bones. (I use darker
shade of liquid foundation) However, this has been a favourite as a
foundation application no contouring  just buff in the foundation.

So far I have spoken about 3 brushes being used to foundation, contour and
highlight! I will have 3 shades of foundation on my face at the moment!
But if you do not want to do this, you don’t have to, you just choose
which brush you like to use for your foundation.

Next Part

KL6 – I use this brush for my flaws. My customer likes to dab on liquid or
cream concealer to their spots, skin tags, under eyes. Any flaws it blends
at the same time!

KF7 – This is my favourite brush to contour my nose I use darker shade of
foundation on the sides of the nose. However, you can also use this for
concealing over your eyelids and precise foundation application. Any place
you think it needs a little more foundation just buff.

KA8 – This brush is used as an eyeshadow brush great to blend in window
motions. However, I also use this to powder the contour on the sides of my
nose! Its a perfect size to do that.

KB9 – I use this brush to add eyeshadow. At the same time you can blend
the shadow. I like this for everyday look.

KP10 – The shape of the brush allows you to apply smokey eyes or hard to
reach areas to conceal. I use a light natural shade eyeshadow and apply in
the inner corner of my eyes or a little more dramatic if an evening out. I
have had replies from customers that they use this brush as a powder
highlighter on the bridge of the nose!

KR01- Apply setting powder all over the face Its fluffy and it’s not too
big like most common kabuki fluffy brushes!

KA05 – Lastly, swirl on the blusher or bronzer for that sun-kissed look.

This is a step by step in what I do to apply makeup. The brushes that is not included is Lip Brush, Brow brush and Eyeliner brush. These brushes are normally sold with structured makeup brushes and not so versatile like
the Kabuki Brushes. However, everyone has a preference and if don’t try you wont know. Meanwhile, I will be introducing these brushes very soon! Yes, the eyeliner brush, lip brush etc etc

So the whole idea of Kabuki brushes is to create professional flawless finish. This is why most people have so many different types of makeup brushes to create their desire look.  Whats your favourite brush and why?


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